Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Government 12 – Mr. Donald - Bill of Rights Webquest

Below are the locations of 4 webquests on The Bill of Rights and the Judicial System, which you will be filling out.

In sequence, answer the prompts as directed for each webquest using your own notebook paper.
(Start a new page for each webquest and number each answer to correspond with the prompt.)

You are only responsible for the first two to receive a grade, but you can do the 3rd and 4th for extra credit if you have time. Although there may be 2 people to a computer, you are each responsible for your own answers.

The answers to the prompts are part of the notes you will use on this week’s test.


1. The Constitution: Rules for Running a Country

2. In the Courts

3. The Courts in a Nutshell

4. Immigration

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Research Resources

Mr. Turner's websites:


Click here to search for BOOKS in the BCCHS library.

Click here to search for BOOKS in the Los Angeles Public Library.


Free Trial: EBSCO:
               User ID: bcharter
               Password: trial

Monday, November 14, 2011

Newspaper Project

"Political cartoon showing the corruption and control
of the railroad monopoly during the Gilded Age
as represented by railroad tycoon Jay Gould."
Gilded Age Reference Library. Ed.
Lawrence W. Baker and Rebecca Valentine. Vol. 2:
Biographies. Detroit: UXL, 2007.

Click here to search for BOOKS in the BCCHS library.
Click here to search for BOOKS in the Los Angeles Public Library.

Free Trial: EBSCO:
                               User ID: bcharter
                               Password: trial
If you have a public library card, you can click here, and then try these databases:
  • History in Context: US (Gale)
  • World Book Encyclopedia
On the web:  Encyclopedia Brittanica



US Postage stamp, Transcontinental railroad issue, 1944, 3c

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Industrial Revolution Webquest (Copenbarger)


Suggested websites/resources:

Free Trial: EBSCO:
                              Username: bcharter
                              Password: trial

At home:

Search for books in the BCCHS library!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All Information is not Equal! (Evaluating Websites)

If you were researching the life and work of Martin Luther King, which of these 3 websites would you use, and why?

Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Can you tell anything important about the websites before you even click on the links?)

NoodleTools Registration


NoodleTools is a new research tool for BCCHS students.  It will help you organize notes, prevent plagiarism, and create a Works Cited page (Bibliography) with a list of your sources!

You can access NoodleTools from any computer with internet!  But first, you need to create your own personal account:
  1. Click here to begin creating your account:
  2. Click "Create a Personal ID"
  3. School/Library Username: bcchs
  4. Password: patriots
  5. Select "I am a student or library patron."
  6. Select Year of Graduation: 20??
  7. You MUST use:
    • Personal ID:
      • firstname.lastname (make sure there's a period in between! no space!)
      • Example: mary.garcia
    • Password:
      • Use your 6-digit ID# (cafeteria #)
      • This number can be found in tiny numbers under the barcode on your student ID card.
  8. When you've completed the form, click REGISTER.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Countries of Europe

Map of Europe with National Flags
Click here to search for BOOKS in the BCCHS library.


 Free Trial:  EBSCO:
                                 User ID: bcharter
                                 Password: trial

If you have a public library card, you can click here, and then click on the amazing database:
Culture Grams!


Whales (Stull)

Try an online encyclopedia

National Oceanic and Atmospheric

National Geographic Website:

Defenders of Wildlife

A description of different whale types, copiled by high school students at the Advanced Technologies Academy:

National Parks Consevation Association

Monday, October 31, 2011

Television & Modeling (Wydra)

 You may wish to browse the internet. Some databases include:

If you have a public library card, you can access the database Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Presidential Tasks (Donald)

Click here:  Online Survey: Presidential Tasks

Ways to search for articles:

President Obama

Bush's Decision to Go to War

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Equivalent Course Titles for Visual/Performing Arts Credit (CSU/UC Schools)

For seniors applying to CSU/UC  schools.

Here is a list of classes you may be taking for VPA credit and the equivalent course titles for them as they are listed on the UC and CSU course lists:


CAD DES 1 AB.....................................DIG IMAG 1 AB

CAD DES 2 AB.....................................DIG IMAG 2 AB

DRAMA.................................................THEATRE INTRO AB

IT GL ST AB...........................................ADVT DES AB


SPORTS MEDICINE 2...........................ADVT DES AB

STAGE 1 AB...........................................THEATRE DESIGN CONCEPTS 1 AB

STAGE 2 AB..........................................THEATRE DESIGN CONCEPTS 2 AB


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Español 2 y 3: Molinaro

Español 3:


2. (in grammar section, read 37, 38 & 39 and do "Basic Quiz" in each -- [37-Comparisons of Inequality, 38-Comparisons of Equality, 39-Superlatives])

3. - Un Viaje a Ecuador - This web exercise has numerous parts... do all of it! In Parte 1 "Antes del viaje", you might want to do the exercise named "Reglas y Pistas" first... it'll help you refresh your memory with regard to the rules of Preterite and Imperfect. Have fun!

At the end of the trip, don't forget to send me a postcard from Ecuador!

Español 2:


2. (in grammar section, read 37 & 38 and do "Basic Quiz" in each -- [37-Comparisons of Inequality, 38-Comparisons of Equality])

3. - Click on "Comparisons" and do that exercise... when you're done with that, click on Saber vs. Conocer and do both exercises under that category.

4. If you finish all of this fun stuff, you can go to the main page of Spanish Language & Culture (#3 above) and click on Ofrendas and explore the site... do the first two activities under "actividades"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Supreme Court Class Project - Donald

List of suggested sites:

Supreme Court at Sunset
Image courtesy of  Amaury Laporte,
Infoplease Site (Summaries with background. Many assigned cases cited.)

Case Briefs (Good summaries with background. Many assigned cases cited.)

Magruder Textbook Site (Good summaries. One assigned case cited.)ttp://

Wikipedia (Good summaries with background and useful links. The link below is for a particular case.)

ThinkQuest (Very brief summaries written by students.)

Shpoonkle (Good summaries with background. Many assigned cases cited.)  (It's a long list -- Use Cntrl+F to search for your case!)

Street Law (Good summaries with background. Unfortunately, no assigned cases cited.)

Any major law school - the .edu sites - has information on most of these cases that is extensive. You may want to go to these via the Internet search link to the case and not to their main page, as these sites are big and a bit confusing.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Government: Contacting Your Congressman (Donald)

Thursday (10/13):

Click here to take the online survey:  Who's Your Representative?

Instruction #2:  After you finish (& print!) survey, go to:

US House of Representatives

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selecting a Book (Mr. Kim's Classes)

Suggested links:
Directions for Tuesday:
  1. Go to
  2. Type in name of book.
  3. Read 2 reviews.
  4. Copy one sentence from each review that makes you want to read the book.
  5. Repeat for a total of 3 books.

Picture courtesy of the Milwaukee Public Library

Monday, October 3, 2011

Earth Science: What is Earth's Crust Like? (Stull)

Welcome to the library!

  1. Take out your worksheet and a pen(cil)
  2. Click here:
  3. Enter this keycode:  ES0801
  4. Complete worksheet:
  5. Go back to above link and enter in this keycode:  ES0402
    Eruption of Puu Oo on Hawaii, July 1984
    Houghton Mifflin Company: Earth Science

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

World War II (Setrakian)

We have a large number of books on World War II & the Holocaust!
Look on the table behind you,
or search in our online catalog: Destiny.

$$Databases$$ (public library card number required):

Click below for a SCARY example of what can go wrong when you trust WikiAnswers!
Question:  Explain the concept of the "social contract."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Country Brochures - Lopez

Suggested resources:

 $$Databases$$ (public library card number required):

Free on the web:

Search for BCCHS Library books in Destiny, our online book catalogue.
(Remember that information like climate won't change much from year to year, unlike information about population and government!)

ALT Codes for typing Spanish characters:

Directions for making a brochure in Microsoft Word can be found on the Microsoft website..


Friday, September 9, 2011

Colleges 411 - Anderson

Welcome to the library!

Feel free to use the books on the table behind you, as well as the internet to find information about your colleges.

Admission requirements at:

Clubs at:
UC Berkeley
CSUN (Cal State Northridge)
SMC (Santa Monica College)
UC Irvine

Websites recommended by Mrs. Kronstadt:

For information about careers:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arak (Biology): Proper MLA Heading, Emailing Attachments, Online Textbook Registration

1. Create Microsoft Word document with proper MLA heading.

In your Word Document:  List the 6 steps of the scientific method, in order.

If you need a hint:
1. Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. D _ _ _ /C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. S _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _

2.  Gmail:  Send assignment as an attachment to Ms. Arak

3.  Textbook:  Create student account
  • Period 2: 6C18D43E2F24DB90DCB7
  • Period 3: BBAC5C195655257E4D56
  • Period 5: 4F4B34D2B5877AFC2525
  • Period 6: 8171A8E01C763C39741F

Letter to BCCHS Principal

July 12, 2011

Birmingham CC High School
17000 Haynes St.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Dear Principal Coates,

I am writing on behalf of 156 BCCHS parents who urge you to adopt single-sex classrooms at Birmingham High School.  As the proud parent of a Birmingham student, I have a personal stake in the value and success of our school and our students.  Both boys and girls would benefit from being in all-male or all-female classes.

For one thing, students perform better academically when separated by gender.  Students receive better grades and are in turn more likely to go to college.  When placed in a single-sex classroom, girls are more likely to ask questions, and boys are more likely to stay on task.

Not only do students learn more, but they actually feel better too. When the pressure to impress or look good for the opposite sex is taken out of the equation, students are more relaxed and feel better about themselves.  As a result, bullying decreases significantly, students fight less, and students are less likely to ditch their classes.  Self-esteem goes up and peer pressure goes down.

Given all these benefits, it would be unfair to our students to deny them the kind of rich learning environment that wealthy students enjoy at private schools like Marborough and Westpoint Prep.  Students might whine and complain about the change, but if we have their best interests at heart, there is only one right thing to do.


Mr. Chris Rangel
(father of John Rangel)

MLA Format (Alonzo) - Practice Websites


Rap Music in the Classroom:


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Molinaro: Fabulous Websites for Spanish Students!

 Share and explore these online resources.  Use them at school and at home!
 California's world language content standards for public schools:


Culture and information useful for the FL classroom

Games and activities

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rubinger - Psych Careers

Try searching in Google Scholar:
About Google Scholar

APA:  Click here, and then click on "Some of the subfields in psychology."

Search for career options in CA Career Zone.

PS  If you Googled and clicked on this, you're a sucker!:
Top Careers in Psychology - Become a Psychologist in 19 Months
Start Your Psychology Career Today

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cervantes: ESL 1 & 2 (Research)

A=Author  Who created the site?  Are they an expert? 
B=Bias    Is it trying to sell you something?  Is it the opinion of the author? 
C=Credibility + Currency  Do you think the information is correct?  Can you verify it by finding it in other places?  How recently was the site updated?
(From Janet Reid's

Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus



Los Angeles Public Library:
LAPL Teen Web
LAPL Homework Help Sites
Top-level domains:
.com = commercial
.edu = education
.org = non-profit organization
.net = general purpose domain
.gov = government
.mil = military
.cu = Cuba (.it = Italy, etc.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arak - Period 5 Biology

I. Log into your email.  (

II. Compose an email to Ms. Arak.

In your email: List the 6 steps of the scientific method, in order.

If you need a hint:
1. Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3. H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5. D _ _ _ /C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6. S _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _

III. Send email to Ms. Arak  (

IV.  Class website:

V.  Textbook: Create student account

Period 5 Access code:  4F4B34D2B5877AFC2525

Rubinger: Website ideas for Colonial Stock Prospectus

Website ideas for Colonial Stock Prospectus:


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weber - Ecological Footprint Quiz

Click here to take the quiz:

Discuss your results as they relate to the idea of sustainability.

To print:
  1. Click on the green print button (top left).
  2. Make sure the "Ricoh" printer is selected.  (Not Samsung.)
  3. Click on Preferences (or Properties).  Under layout, select 2 pages per sheet.
  4. Click ok.
  5. Click Print.
  6. Tell the student at the front desk your computer number.
  7. Pick up your paper in the copy machine.
  8. Pat yourself on the back for saving paper and being an all-around great guy/gal.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arak: Gmail, Attachments, Online Textbook Accounts, & More!

Welcome to the BCCHS Library!!!

Today will be review for some and new for others!  Kudos to anyone who asks how to do something simple/basic.  There's probably someone else who's too shy to ask!

Here's the day's agenda:

1. Create a Gmail account (click here)
  • Store your login name and password in a secure location!  (The brain will not be considered a secure location for this purpose. :)
2.  Create a document in Microsoft Word (2007)
Image: The Purdue OWL
  • Use MLA heading (MLA Format -- Scroll down for example.)
  • Write 3 sentences about your favorite movie, book, TV show, or musician.  (Do not let your neighbor see what you're writing!)
  • Million-dollar question:  When you're in the middle of typing a sentence and you get to the end of a line, how do you get to the next line...?
  • Double-space your paper
  • Save your paper in "My Documents."  (On the computer's hard drive.)
3.  Emailing Attachments
  • Email your paper as an attachment to the person sitting next to you.  (You will need his/her Gmail address!)
  • Open the email you received from your neighbor and download their attachment, saving it on the computer's hard drive (My Documents).
  • Send an email reply to your neighbor to confirm that you received and were able to open his/her attachment!
4.  Online Biology Textbook (click here)
  • Click register, and then enter your class access code:
    Period 1:  5E73CE5C5CDF2349C72D
  • Create your personal account. (Remember that the password is case sensitive!)
  • Record login name & password in secure location.
5.  More Online Science Resources (If time permits.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rubinger: 1950's, 1960's, & 1970's Project

Welcome to the library!!!

Click here to go to the NoodleTools sign-in page.   You know you love NoodleTools.  Don't deny it.

There are A LOT of books about the 50's, 60's, & 70's out on the table near the computers.  You can also search for books online in the Destiny Online Catalogue.  Please take advantage of the books to get a feel for your decade and to search for specific events (in the index or Table of Contents).

You will no doubt find plenty of information by googling your events, but remember that not all sites are equal and some could have incorrect information, especially when it comes to controversial issues like the assassination of Kennedy and the Vietnam War.  Check for domain names (.edu, .org, .gov) and check who created the website!

Here are a few suggestions:

Encyclopedias are good when you want an overview/summary of a topic:

Some good databases to try on the LAUSD Digital Library:

  • Facts on File -->  American History Online
    • Scroll down the page to "Learning Centers," and click on the links for the 1950's, 1960's, or 1970's for great info or search for a specific event.
  • ABC-CLIO - American History 
    • (Try looking up your events here.  This site has good primary resources.  E.g., the speech that President Kennedy gave about the desegregation of the University of Alabama & a picture of a student trying to get in.)
    • Salem Press History
     Also, try these websites:


      Tuesday, May 10, 2011

      Tuesday, April 26, 2011

      Countries of the World (Grunwald)

      Tip of the Day:  Does date matter...?
      When you're looking for information about your country, what kind of information changes from year to year, and what kind of information stays the same?

      (These reliable research sites are paid for by LAUSD and can only be accessed at school.)

      Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and then click on the following:
        • Facts on File --> World Geography & Culture Online
        • CultureGrams --> World Edition
        • Britannica Online (Encyclopedia)
        • WorldBook Encyclopedia

      Other Recommended Websites:
      Search for BCCHS Library books in Destiny, our online book catalogue.

      Deep Thoughts...About Wikipedia...
      - Not an academic source; cannot be cited in college papers.
      - In high school, Wikipedia can somtimes be used for informal projects/assignments.
      - Good to use as a starting point, for an overview of topic.
      - Scroll down to bottom to check the notes, references, and other links for other sources.

      Tuesday, April 5, 2011

      Great Historical Figures (Lehman)

      Search for BOOKS here:
      Destiny Online Catalogue

      Try these reliable DATABASES:
      Encyclopedia Britannica Online
      Click Here, and Go to "Gale Biography in Context"

      Feel free to search on Google, but make sure you trust the person or company who made the website!!!

      Monday, March 28, 2011

      Career Cruising Assignment (Alonzo)

      From school computers only:

      Click here for The LAUSD Digital Library.
      Then click on Career Cruising!

      When you're at home:

      1. CA Career Zone
      You can search for an occupation, scroll down to Colleges and Training, and click on the titles/categories for a list of schools.
      (Offers the same kind of info. as Career Cruising, but it's free so you can access it from home.)

      2. Bureau of Labor Statistics - You can search for a profession on this government website as well.

      Thursday, March 24, 2011

      Photojournalism Project - Harte


      • Investigate your topic through newspaper articles, books, & websites.
      • Answer the questions you listed under "What I want to know."
      • Learn something interesting about your topic!
      • Write down at least 3 facts, statistics, or quotes (from experts) that you think would make your newspaper article better.
      Google Tips:
      - Try Google News Archives (From Google:  "News archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives.")
      - Under Advanced Search,
                 try searching within site or domain .edu or .org
                 try typing in UNwanted words


      US Dept. Of Labor -- Consumer Expenditure Survey

      Website ideas by research topic:

      Women & Baseball
      NY Times Article w/ stats for girls playing high school baseball
      National Federation of State High School Associations --Data about participation in high school sports

      Census Bureau Statistics: Scroll down to "Marital Status of the Population 15 Years Old and Over, by Sex and Race: 1950 to Present"

      Farmers Markets::
      • From EBSCO Database: "Farmers markets seek wider niche in a craggy economy: Buying locally even in hard times appears to be a growing trend"  Item: 2W62W62559039678
      • Certified Farmers Markets in LA
      US Youth Soccer stats

      Shopping as Stress Relief:
      "Stress Relief for Caregivers" - advice from a mother of a child with special needs
      Research from psychologist at Harvard University

      Ways to start your feature article, from
      The narrative lead tells a story.
      Sometimes a short piece, often from the writer's own experience, will lead the reader into the article.
      Though it is also descriptive, the narrative lead is more like a play with a scene, characters and dialogue.

      Descriptive leads often focus on what it feels like to be at an event by highlighting the sights, sounds, textures, tastes and smells that evoke clear images in the mind of the reader.

      Direct Address
      This is when the writer tries to engage the reader immediately. This can be done by asking questions or asking the reader to imagine something in particular. It is as though the writer is expecting some direct response from the reader.

      Shocking Statement
      This type of lead is also known as ' the teaser ' .
      A shocking or striking statement is one that will produce a strong response in the reader. Often it will challenge some accepted belief, or simply be provocative. Statistics are often effective.
      It involves the reader by building suspense before revealing the focus of the story.

      A relevant and effective quotation can introduce the reader to the theme of the article. The quote should compel the reader to go further into the story.

      Should be used only when the question relates directly to the Feature angle and compels the reader to seek the answers further in the story. Unfortunately, most question leads can be answered with another question.

        Friday, March 18, 2011

        Thursday, March 17, 2011

        Of Mice and Men: Library & Map Project (Powell)

        We have many books on the assigned topics!
        Go to our online library catalogue to search for books, or check the table next to the computers.

        Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and from that page try these databases:
        • Facts on File
        • ABC-CLIO
        • Brittanica Online
        • Salem Press History
        Wikipedia's okay for an informal project, but you would not be able to cite it in a formal paper.  (In college, for example!)  If you use Wikipedia for this project, make sure you use at least 2 other sources as well!
        The Great Depression (University of Illinois)
        Digital History - 1930's (University of Houston)
        The New Deal Network (Roosevelt Institute)
        American Memory from the Library of Congress
        Timeline of the 1930's
        Treatment of Mentally Disabled

        Interested in a PBS Documentary about the Dustbowl?  (Best to view at home or at lunch, since it's long!)

        Click here for some pictures from The Depression

        Wednesday, March 9, 2011

        Career Quiz: Worksheet (Loiacono)

        Click on LAUSD Digital Library and follow the directions on your worksheet!

        Since the Career Cruising site is down, you have 3 options:

        1.  CA Career Zone
        You can search for an occupation, scroll down to Colleges and Training, and click on the titles/categories for a list of schools.

        (Offers the same kind of info. as Career Cruising, but it's free so you can access it from home.)
        2.  In LAUSD Digital Library,
        click on Facts on File, then scroll down and click on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center.

        3.  Bureau of Labor Statistics - You can search for a profession on this government website as well.


        Sunday, March 6, 2011