Saturday, January 29, 2011

Technology of World War I -- Visual Display Project

French gas attack on German lines
Belgium, 1916 (
  1. Use at least 3 different sources to get information
  2. Attach a list of these sources to the back of your display.
  3. At least one source should be a book or an online database.
  4. If you take a sentence or a phrase directly from a book or the internet, you must put it in quotes and write (next to it) where you got it from!
    • For example:  "Unrestricted submarine warfare was a result of desperation and the belief that the ferocity of such a tactic might just keep America out of the war..." (History Learning Site)
  5. Don't forget the dates of the war:  1914-1918!
 To search for BCCHS books, click here.  (Some books are on the table behind you.)


Go to the LAUSD Digital Library.
From there, search the following databases:
  • Facts on File
  • Britannica Online (Encyclopedia)
  • Worldbook Encyclopedia
  • Salem Press -- History 
(Try entering different search words, like the name of your technology, specific examples/models, specific battles in which you know it was used, "World War I" with the name of your technology, etc.)

Website Ideas:  (Flamethrowers, machine guns, tanks, airplanes, poison gas)
    • A professor's analysis of  ("I would not allow my students to use the Feature Articles in a paper. But I will link to both sites from my class Web sites, and I will refer to both on a regular basis for my own teaching and research.")

EyeWitness to History Website (Eyewitness accounts -- gas, u-boat, trenches, tanks, etc.  You can get quotes from people who were actually there!)

- not an academic source, cannot be cited in college papers
- in high school, Wikipedia can somtimes be used for informal projects/assignments
- good to use as a starting point, for an overview of topic
- scroll down to bottom, and check the notes, references, and other links for other sources

    Specific Ideas for where to look (databases and websites):

    Medical Advancements:
    Air University
    Speech/Lecture on Sanitation & Hygiene from 1918
    Look at second-to-last paragraph on this page

    Machine Guns:
    Encyclopedia Britannica (scroll down to submachine gun)
    Another Encyclopedia Britannica article

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    for how airplanes were constructed/made:
    -Go to pg. 14 here!
    -Check out the model - CFS2 AB-Roland D.VIb

    history learning site

    Poison Gas:
    History Learning Site
    ABC-CLIO database (under biological & chemical warfare)

    Encyclopedia Britannica (don't forget to scroll down to the World War I section)
    unrestricted submarine warfare

    For the bigger picture (in case you're interested), a Library of Congress essay:  The Increasing Power of Destruction:  Military Technology in World War I

    Would you trust a webpage written by high school students? (Brief info about tanks, gas, & flamethrowers.)


    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Lopez - Periodos 5 & 6

    1. Click on the links below.
    2. Review the grammar.
    3. When you are done, click on generate unique quiz.
    4. Select 25 and No for vosotros.
    5. When you are done submit you quiz to be graded.
    6. Now copy and paste the results into a word document and print it.
    7. Turn in your print out.


    Lopez - Noticias

    Estos son los sitios que los estudiantes pueden visitar para el proyecto de noticias del periódico:



    Para cualquier otro país pueden visitar las páginas de Google o Yahoo.

    Yahoo en español, México, cuba, honduras, chile etc.

    Google en español, México, Guatemala, el salvador, etc.