Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of Mice and Men: Library & Map Project (Powell)

We have many books on the assigned topics!
Go to our online library catalogue to search for books, or check the table next to the computers.

Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and from that page try these databases:
  • Facts on File
  • Brittanica Online
  • Salem Press History
Wikipedia's okay for an informal project, but you would not be able to cite it in a formal paper.  (In college, for example!)  If you use Wikipedia for this project, make sure you use at least 2 other sources as well!
The Great Depression (University of Illinois)
Digital History - 1930's (University of Houston)
The New Deal Network (Roosevelt Institute)
American Memory from the Library of Congress
Timeline of the 1930's
Treatment of Mentally Disabled

Interested in a PBS Documentary about the Dustbowl?  (Best to view at home or at lunch, since it's long!)

Click here for some pictures from The Depression

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