Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arak (Biology): Proper MLA Heading, Emailing Attachments, Online Textbook Registration

1. Create Microsoft Word document with proper MLA heading.

In your Word Document:  List the 6 steps of the scientific method, in order.

If you need a hint:
1. Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. D _ _ _ /C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. S _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _

2.  Gmail:  Send assignment as an attachment to Ms. Arak

3.  Textbook:  Create student account
  • Period 2: 6C18D43E2F24DB90DCB7
  • Period 3: BBAC5C195655257E4D56
  • Period 5: 4F4B34D2B5877AFC2525
  • Period 6: 8171A8E01C763C39741F

Letter to BCCHS Principal

July 12, 2011

Birmingham CC High School
17000 Haynes St.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Dear Principal Coates,

I am writing on behalf of 156 BCCHS parents who urge you to adopt single-sex classrooms at Birmingham High School.  As the proud parent of a Birmingham student, I have a personal stake in the value and success of our school and our students.  Both boys and girls would benefit from being in all-male or all-female classes.

For one thing, students perform better academically when separated by gender.  Students receive better grades and are in turn more likely to go to college.  When placed in a single-sex classroom, girls are more likely to ask questions, and boys are more likely to stay on task.

Not only do students learn more, but they actually feel better too. When the pressure to impress or look good for the opposite sex is taken out of the equation, students are more relaxed and feel better about themselves.  As a result, bullying decreases significantly, students fight less, and students are less likely to ditch their classes.  Self-esteem goes up and peer pressure goes down.

Given all these benefits, it would be unfair to our students to deny them the kind of rich learning environment that wealthy students enjoy at private schools like Marborough and Westpoint Prep.  Students might whine and complain about the change, but if we have their best interests at heart, there is only one right thing to do.


Mr. Chris Rangel
(father of John Rangel)

MLA Format (Alonzo) - Practice Websites


Rap Music in the Classroom:


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Molinaro: Fabulous Websites for Spanish Students!

 Share and explore these online resources.  Use them at school and at home!
 California's world language content standards for public schools:


Culture and information useful for the FL classroom

Games and activities

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rubinger - Psych Careers

Try searching in Google Scholar:
About Google Scholar

APA:  Click here, and then click on "Some of the subfields in psychology."

Search for career options in CA Career Zone.

PS  If you Googled and clicked on this, you're a sucker!:
Top Careers in Psychology - Become a Psychologist in 19 Months
Start Your Psychology Career Today

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cervantes: ESL 1 & 2 (Research)

A=Author  Who created the site?  Are they an expert? 
B=Bias    Is it trying to sell you something?  Is it the opinion of the author? 
C=Credibility + Currency  Do you think the information is correct?  Can you verify it by finding it in other places?  How recently was the site updated?
(From Janet Reid's

Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus



Los Angeles Public Library:
LAPL Teen Web
LAPL Homework Help Sites
Top-level domains:
.com = commercial
.edu = education
.org = non-profit organization
.net = general purpose domain
.gov = government
.mil = military
.cu = Cuba (.it = Italy, etc.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arak - Period 5 Biology

I. Log into your email.  (

II. Compose an email to Ms. Arak.

In your email: List the 6 steps of the scientific method, in order.

If you need a hint:
1. Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3. H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5. D _ _ _ /C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6. S _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ _

III. Send email to Ms. Arak  (

IV.  Class website:

V.  Textbook: Create student account

Period 5 Access code:  4F4B34D2B5877AFC2525

Rubinger: Website ideas for Colonial Stock Prospectus

Website ideas for Colonial Stock Prospectus:


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weber - Ecological Footprint Quiz

Click here to take the quiz:

Discuss your results as they relate to the idea of sustainability.

To print:
  1. Click on the green print button (top left).
  2. Make sure the "Ricoh" printer is selected.  (Not Samsung.)
  3. Click on Preferences (or Properties).  Under layout, select 2 pages per sheet.
  4. Click ok.
  5. Click Print.
  6. Tell the student at the front desk your computer number.
  7. Pick up your paper in the copy machine.
  8. Pat yourself on the back for saving paper and being an all-around great guy/gal.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arak: Gmail, Attachments, Online Textbook Accounts, & More!

Welcome to the BCCHS Library!!!

Today will be review for some and new for others!  Kudos to anyone who asks how to do something simple/basic.  There's probably someone else who's too shy to ask!

Here's the day's agenda:

1. Create a Gmail account (click here)
  • Store your login name and password in a secure location!  (The brain will not be considered a secure location for this purpose. :)
2.  Create a document in Microsoft Word (2007)
Image: The Purdue OWL
  • Use MLA heading (MLA Format -- Scroll down for example.)
  • Write 3 sentences about your favorite movie, book, TV show, or musician.  (Do not let your neighbor see what you're writing!)
  • Million-dollar question:  When you're in the middle of typing a sentence and you get to the end of a line, how do you get to the next line...?
  • Double-space your paper
  • Save your paper in "My Documents."  (On the computer's hard drive.)
3.  Emailing Attachments
  • Email your paper as an attachment to the person sitting next to you.  (You will need his/her Gmail address!)
  • Open the email you received from your neighbor and download their attachment, saving it on the computer's hard drive (My Documents).
  • Send an email reply to your neighbor to confirm that you received and were able to open his/her attachment!
4.  Online Biology Textbook (click here)
  • Click register, and then enter your class access code:
    Period 1:  5E73CE5C5CDF2349C72D
  • Create your personal account. (Remember that the password is case sensitive!)
  • Record login name & password in secure location.
5.  More Online Science Resources (If time permits.)