Thursday, August 26, 2010

Career Quiz Assignment

Directions to get to the Career Matchmaker Quiz:
Click here for the Digital Library
- click on "Career Cruising"
- click on "Assessments" at the top
- click on "Career Matchmaker"
- enter a first & last name and click "Start Now"

After you take the quiz, you'll get a list of your top 40 career matches.

Write down the top 7 matches that interest you!

Below are 3 sections of questions to answer on a separate sheet of paper:

Section 1:  Investigate a Career

Answer these questions for one career:
  1. Describe the job:  Write a paragraph summarizing the information under "Job Description."
  2. How much money would you make in this job?
  3. What kind of education/schooling is requied?
  4. Which of your quiz answers led to this career match? ("Suitable for You" tab on the left.) For example: I was matched with this job because in the quiz I responded that I like "work that involves teamwork & cooperation" and that I really enjoy "working in the outdoors."
Section 2:  Explain a Non-Match
  1. Name a job that didn't appear in your matches.
  2. Click on "See how other careers match up with my answers" to find out how your answers did NOT match up with this career choice.  Explain why this job was not a match.

Section 3:  Reflection
  1. Do you think the quiz results accurately reflect your talents & interests?  Explain why or why not.
  2. What did you learn from this exercise?
  3. How could this exercise be changed to make it more helpful/useful to students?

Mr. Weber: Ecological Footprint Quiz

Click here:
Website - Ecological Footprint: Center for a Sustainable Economy

To print in black & white:  
  1. Click on the PRINT button on the left (Don't click on FILE!)
  2. Click on PREFERENCES button
  3. Layout Type:  Choose "Multiple Pages per Side"
  4. Pages per Side:  Choose "2"
  5. Click on GRAPHIC tab
  6. Choose "Grayscale" instead of "Color"
  7. Click on OKAY
  8. Click on PRINT
  9. Go to the front desk and tell the worker your computer # so they can print out your results!

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Rubinger's Psychology Class: Theories/Theorists & Terminology

    • Design a time line showing the major events or psychological pioneers in the history of psychology. Starting from the Ancient Greeks to the 1900s. You may include philosophers and scientists that contributed to human thought and reason as well.
    • Write one paragraph:  How does understanding the history of psychology become helpful in learning about modern psychological methods?
    Suggested Resources:

    Books!  (Most are out on the table behind you.)


    1. Freud, Sigmund  + PBS
    2. Adler, Alfred +
    3. Jung, Carl +
    4. Horney, Karen
    5. Sullivan, Harry S
    6. Erikson, Erik +
    7. Fromm, Erich +
    8. Berne, Eric (+ BRC)
    9. Harris, Thomas

    B. Behavioristic
    1. Watson, J. B.
    2. Skinner, B. F.
    3. Wolpe, Joseph
    4. Glasser, William  (Glasser's website:  Information about him & his theories)
    5. Dobson, James

    C. Humanistic ("Self" Theorists)
    1. Rogers, Carl
    2. Maslow, Abraham
    3. Frankl, Viktor
    4. May, Rollo +
    5. Hiltner, Seward  (Google Books:  Encyclopedia of Psychology & Religion)
    6. Mowrer, O. Hobart (- Short blurb from University of Georgia College of Education)
    7. Perls, Fritz
    8. Ellis, Albert