Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arak: Gmail, Attachments, Online Textbook Accounts, & More!

Welcome to the BCCHS Library!!!

Today will be review for some and new for others!  Kudos to anyone who asks how to do something simple/basic.  There's probably someone else who's too shy to ask!

Here's the day's agenda:

1. Create a Gmail account (click here)
  • Store your login name and password in a secure location!  (The brain will not be considered a secure location for this purpose. :)
2.  Create a document in Microsoft Word (2007)
Image: The Purdue OWL
  • Use MLA heading (MLA Format -- Scroll down for example.)
  • Write 3 sentences about your favorite movie, book, TV show, or musician.  (Do not let your neighbor see what you're writing!)
  • Million-dollar question:  When you're in the middle of typing a sentence and you get to the end of a line, how do you get to the next line...?
  • Double-space your paper
  • Save your paper in "My Documents."  (On the computer's hard drive.)
3.  Emailing Attachments
  • Email your paper as an attachment to the person sitting next to you.  (You will need his/her Gmail address!)
  • Open the email you received from your neighbor and download their attachment, saving it on the computer's hard drive (My Documents).
  • Send an email reply to your neighbor to confirm that you received and were able to open his/her attachment!
4.  Online Biology Textbook (click here)
  • Click register, and then enter your class access code:
    Period 1:  5E73CE5C5CDF2349C72D
  • Create your personal account. (Remember that the password is case sensitive!)
  • Record login name & password in secure location.
5.  More Online Science Resources (If time permits.)

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