Thursday, November 25, 2010


Written by Gabrielle Zevin

Reviewed by Ruben V., BCCHS student

Gabriele Zevin has written a novel worth reading. The book, Elsewhere, gives a perfect descriptive view into what lies in the afterlife. The protagonist, Liz, was run over by a taxi cab, after which she is sent into this miraculous afterlife, Elsewhere. Elsewhere is so like Earth, and also completely unlike Earth. All the features of Earth are found in this place, but Elsewhere is also the home of dead people, where they age backwards instead of growing older.

This book has a peaceful quality, given the fact that it mentions a lot about death. The main characters live here without ease, a relaxing environment, with a bit of romance and fights sprinkled into the book. A must read for young adults, since many people can relate to the young girl who died, Liz. A book that has flowing text, where no dictionary is required. An excellent book, with the similarity with The Lovely Bones, where the two young girls in the stories met an unwanted fate. You could find the book here in the Birmingham Library, with plentiful copies of this wondrous book.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silva - Travel Pamphlet

For famous travel locations:
For average temperatures and precipitation by city:
Go to> enter in city-->  click on monthly--> click on averages (at bottom)

For National Flowers:  EDepot  (This is not a reliable source -- Check on Google that the info. you got is correct.)

In Latin American Countries

For Geograhy & Climate Info. by Country

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bader - Research, NoodleTools

To Create Your NoodleTools Account (Personal Folder)
  1. Click here to begin creating your account:
  2. Click "Create a Personal ID"
  3. Copy and paste "trial6313" for School/Library Username
  4. Copy & Paste "catu8poje" for Password
  5. Select "I am a student or library patron."
  6. Select Year of Graduation:  2014
  7. You MUST use:
    • Personal ID:
      • firstname.lastname (make sure there's a period in between!)
      • Example:  mary.garcia
    • Password:
      • Use your 6-digit ID# (cafeteria #)
  8. When you've completed the form, click REGISTER.

Per. 1 & 3 - Please SEARCH using these recommended links:

Per. 4 & 5 - Please SEARCH using these recommended links:


    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Rubinger - Imperialism WebQuest

    Imperialism:  The White Man's Burden

    Rubinger - Manifest Destiny

    Welcome to the library!!!!

    Before you get your Google on, please explore these databases that cost thousands and thousands of $$$$$.
    (The information has been checked, verified, and organized for students like you.  Your college or university will have similar databases for research.)  Of course, Google will take you to some great sites too -- Just make sure that you trust the person or organization who made/published the site!

    Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and try these databases:
    • Facts on File - American History Online
    • ABC-CLIO - American History
    • Salem Press History
    On Facts on File:  enter "US and Philippines" and look for the entry titled "U.S. involvement in the Philippines" (under the "Events & Topics" tab) -- The 3rd paragraph has good info.

    Facts on File:  enter "Open Door Policy China"

    Facts on File:  enter "US Cuba" and look for the entry titled "Cuba and United States, 1868–1934" -- The last 3 paragraphs are revelant.

    Hawaii & Alaska:
    Facts on File:  enter "Hawaii United States" and go to the tab "Events & Topic" -- Look for the entries "Hawaii and the U.S., 1820–1898" and "Annexation and the Spanish-American War: 1897–1901"

    Facts on File: enter "Alaska purchase" and look for "Purchase of Alaska (1867)"

    Latin America:
    ABC-CLIO:  Try entering "Latin America US Manifest Destiny"  and look for the entries "Manifest Destiny and Mexico (Investigate)" and "U.S. involvement in Latin America"

    A good article about this topic in general is "Creation of the US Empire" on the ABC-CLIO database.

    IF you have a public library card, go to this site and type in your ID#:
    Gale - US History

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    MLA Intro

    MLA Citation

    Website Examples:

             Can you find... Author (if available). “Title of Article or Page.” Name of Site. Publisher or sponsor of the site (or N.p.), date on webpage (or n.d.). Medium of publication. Access date.


    How do you know if a website is a reliable source?

    Do you know what top level domains are?  For example, .com, .edu. .org?
    Google Search:  Martin Luther King

    Video:  World Cup Interrupted

      Monday, November 1, 2010

      Turner - Molecular Modeling Lab (40 pts.)

      Molecules have three-dimension shapes that are difficult to show on a printed page.  Therefore, we will go to the library to look at molecular shapes using a computer simulation from Ohio State University.

      Click here to begin: