Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Countries of the World (Grunwald)

Tip of the Day:  Does date matter...?
When you're looking for information about your country, what kind of information changes from year to year, and what kind of information stays the same?

(These reliable research sites are paid for by LAUSD and can only be accessed at school.)

Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and then click on the following:
    • Facts on File --> World Geography & Culture Online
    • CultureGrams --> World Edition
    • Britannica Online (Encyclopedia)
    • WorldBook Encyclopedia

Other Recommended Websites:
Search for BCCHS Library books in Destiny, our online book catalogue.

Deep Thoughts...About Wikipedia...
- Not an academic source; cannot be cited in college papers.
- In high school, Wikipedia can somtimes be used for informal projects/assignments.
- Good to use as a starting point, for an overview of topic.
- Scroll down to bottom to check the notes, references, and other links for other sources.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Historical Figures (Lehman)

Search for BOOKS here:
Destiny Online Catalogue

Try these reliable DATABASES:
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Click Here, and Go to "Gale Biography in Context"

Feel free to search on Google, but make sure you trust the person or company who made the website!!!