Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goyak: The Enlightenment

Here are a few ways to find information on your topics:

1.  BOOKS!

There are some books about the Enlightenment on the table behind you.  Check the title, table of contents, and index for your assigned topic or related topics.  (E.g., Tabula Rasa, women's rights, etc.)

You can also search for more books in the Birmingham Library.


Library databases contain information from published works. (E.g., magazine & newspaper articles, encyclopedias.)  They cost lots of $$$$ to use, and can only be accessed at school!
  • Facts on File: Click on Modern World History.  (Good article on Medicine & the Enlightenment!)
  • Salem Press History (Good article on Cesare Beccaria!)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online (Good article on women's rights & the Enlightenment!)
  • More databases are available with your public library card:  Go to the Los Angeles Public Library's Teen Homework Help site, and check out the Gale Cengage Historical Resource Center.


Not all websites are equal!  Be careful!  Determine who wrote/published the site and whether you trust what they have to say.

When searching in google, try an "advanced search" by putting ".edu" next to "Search within a site or domain" -- This will give you websites from educational institutions.

(Question: What is The Social Contract?)


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