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Technology of World War I - Visual Display Project (Uline)

French gas attack on German lines
Belgium, 1916 (
  1. Use at least 3 different sources to get information
  2. Attach a list of these sources to the back of your display.
  3. At least one source should be a book or an online database.
  4. If you take a sentence or a phrase directly from a book or the internet, you must put it in quotes and write (next to it) where you got it from!
    • For example:  "Unrestricted submarine warfare was a result of desperation and the belief that the ferocity of such a tactic might just keep America out of the war..." (History Learning Site)
  5. Don't forget the dates of the war:  1914-1918!
 To search for BCCHS books, click here.  (Some books are on the table behind you.)

Free Trial: EBSCO:
                               User ID: bcharter
                               Password: trial
                               Click on "History Reference Center"
                               Sample articles: Flamethrowers, machine guns
                               U-boats,    Poison Gas (primary document)

If you have a public library card, you can click here, and then try these databases:
  • History in Context: US (Gale)
  • World Book Encyclopedia
(Try entering different search words, like the name of your technology, specific examples/models, specific battles in which you know it was used, "World War I" with the name of your technology, etc.)

Website Ideas:  (Flamethrowers, machine guns, tanks, airplanes, poison gas)
    • A professor's analysis of  ("I would not allow my students to use the Feature Articles in a paper. But I will link to both sites from my class Web sites, and I will refer to both on a regular basis for my own teaching and research.")

EyeWitness to History Website (Eyewitness accounts -- gas, u-boat, trenches, tanks, etc.  You can get quotes from people who were actually there!)

- not an academic source, cannot be cited in college papers
- in high school, Wikipedia can somtimes be used for informal projects/assignments
- good to use as a starting point, for an overview of topic
- scroll down to bottom, and check the notes, references, and other links for other sources

    Specific Ideas for where to look (databases and websites):

    Medical Advancements:
    Air University
    Speech/Lecture on Sanitation & Hygiene from 1918
    Look at second-to-last paragraph on this page

    Machine Guns:
    Encyclopedia Britannica (scroll down to submachine gun)
    Another Encyclopedia Britannica article

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    for how airplanes were constructed/made:
    NASA - Table of contents 
               - NASA - World War I   
                 NASA - fighter planes
    -Check out the model - CFS2 AB-Roland D.VIb

    (reproduced from) "The People's Almanac" series of books
    Encyclopedia Britannica - Tanks
    history learning site

    Poison Gas:
    History Learning Site

    Encyclopedia Britannica (don't forget to scroll down to the World War I section)
    unrestricted submarine warfare

    For the bigger picture (in case you're interested), a Library of Congress essay:  The Increasing Power of Destruction:  Military Technology in World War I

    Would you trust a webpage written by high school students? (Brief info about tanks, gas, & flamethrowers.)


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