Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rubinger - Manifest Destiny

Welcome to the library!!!!

Before you get your Google on, please explore these databases that cost thousands and thousands of $$$$$.
(The information has been checked, verified, and organized for students like you.  Your college or university will have similar databases for research.)  Of course, Google will take you to some great sites too -- Just make sure that you trust the person or organization who made/published the site!

Go to the LAUSD Digital Library, and try these databases:
  • Facts on File - American History Online
  • ABC-CLIO - American History
  • Salem Press History
On Facts on File:  enter "US and Philippines" and look for the entry titled "U.S. involvement in the Philippines" (under the "Events & Topics" tab) -- The 3rd paragraph has good info.

Facts on File:  enter "Open Door Policy China"

Facts on File:  enter "US Cuba" and look for the entry titled "Cuba and United States, 1868–1934" -- The last 3 paragraphs are revelant.

Hawaii & Alaska:
Facts on File:  enter "Hawaii United States" and go to the tab "Events & Topic" -- Look for the entries "Hawaii and the U.S., 1820–1898" and "Annexation and the Spanish-American War: 1897–1901"

Facts on File: enter "Alaska purchase" and look for "Purchase of Alaska (1867)"

Latin America:
ABC-CLIO:  Try entering "Latin America US Manifest Destiny"  and look for the entries "Manifest Destiny and Mexico (Investigate)" and "U.S. involvement in Latin America"

A good article about this topic in general is "Creation of the US Empire" on the ABC-CLIO database.

IF you have a public library card, go to this site and type in your ID#:
Gale - US History

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