Monday, August 23, 2010

Rubinger's Psychology Class: Theories/Theorists & Terminology

  • Design a time line showing the major events or psychological pioneers in the history of psychology. Starting from the Ancient Greeks to the 1900s. You may include philosophers and scientists that contributed to human thought and reason as well.
  • Write one paragraph:  How does understanding the history of psychology become helpful in learning about modern psychological methods?
Suggested Resources:

Books!  (Most are out on the table behind you.)


1. Freud, Sigmund  + PBS
2. Adler, Alfred +
3. Jung, Carl +
4. Horney, Karen
5. Sullivan, Harry S
6. Erikson, Erik +
7. Fromm, Erich +
8. Berne, Eric (+ BRC)
9. Harris, Thomas

B. Behavioristic
1. Watson, J. B.
2. Skinner, B. F.
3. Wolpe, Joseph
4. Glasser, William  (Glasser's website:  Information about him & his theories)
5. Dobson, James

C. Humanistic ("Self" Theorists)
1. Rogers, Carl
2. Maslow, Abraham
3. Frankl, Viktor
4. May, Rollo +
5. Hiltner, Seward  (Google Books:  Encyclopedia of Psychology & Religion)
6. Mowrer, O. Hobart (- Short blurb from University of Georgia College of Education)
7. Perls, Fritz
8. Ellis, Albert

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