Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Orejarena's Class - Latin Authors

Suggested links:

  • Literary Reference Center
    • Search by author's name and then scroll down to see LOTS of info. (Biography, analysis, summaries of major works, etc.)
    • This information is not free (You can't access it from home.), but you can email it to yourself at home.  Click on "email."
  • The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry
    • Use this to look up poems or short biographies of your author.  (If he/she wrote poems!)
  • Biography Resource Center
    • For biographical information!
  • Britannica Online (Encyclopedia)
    • Look up your author, and then...On the right, there will be a box that says: "Expand Your Research."  Click on those links for articles and websites.
Search for books in the Birmingham Library here.

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